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A. Ultrasound (US)/photoacoustic (PA) system components. (a) Optical coherence tomography (OCT) system. (b) US/PA DAQ, processing, and storage units, (i) Vantage 128 DAQ system, and (ii) processing unit. (c) US/PA probe specifications. (d) US/PA probe in use on swine melanoma lesion. DAQ: Data acquisition unit, HSL: High-speed swept-source laser, B. Photoacoustic images of melanoma lesion and nearby healthy skin at 532 nm illumination wavelength. (a) Abdominal: (i) Lesion and (ii) healthy. (b) Flank: (i) Lesion and (ii) healthy. (c) Bar chart of average pixel intensity from epidermal region in the PA images of 532 nm. E: Epidermis. Epidermal pixels (white dashes). The PA signal was increased in the melanoma, highlighting the increase in melanin.

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