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Photoacoustic (PA) signal amplification. (A) System setup to test the Photosound AMP128-18 amplifier: (i) display monitor, (ii) Nd:YAG laser head, (iii) fiber optic bundle, (iv) laser power supply, (v) laser chiller. (B) Wire imaging results: wire phantom suspended in 0% intralipid imaged (i) without and (iv) with amplifier, wire phantom suspended in 25% intralipid imaged (ii) without and (v) with amplifier, and wire phantom suspended in 50% intralipid image (iii) without and (vi) with amplifier. (C) Raw data from the 64th channel of the linear array when imaging a single wire in 50% intralipid concentration to demonstrate signal to noise ratio (SNR) improvement from (i) without amplifier to (ii) with amplifier, (D) Bar chart demonstrating signal amplitude increase corresponding to phantom imaging in B with and without amplifier, at different concentrations of intralipid.

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