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Selected Publications (for the full list of our publications please see Google Scholar)

Manwar, R., Li, X., Mahmoodkalayeh, S., Asano, E., Zhu, D. and Avanaki, K., “Deep Learning Protocol for Improved Photoacoustic Brain Imaging”, Journal of Biophotonics (2020)

Mahmoodkalayeh, S., Zarei, M., Ansari, M.A., Kratkiewicz, K., Ranjbaran, M., Manwar, R. and , “Improving vascular imaging with co-planar mutually guided photoacoustic and diffuse optical tomography: a simulation study”, 11(8), pp.4333-4347, Biomedical Optics Express (2020)


Jalilian, E., Xu, Q., Horton, L., Fotouhi, A., Reddy, S., Manwar, R., Daveluy, S., Mehregan, D., Gelovani, J. and Avanaki, K., “Contrast‐enhanced optical coherence tomography for melanoma detection: An in vitro study”, 13(5), p.e201960097, Journal of Biophotonics (2020)


Manwar, R., Kratkiewicz, K. and Avanaki, K., “Investigation of the Effect of the Skull in Transcranial Photoacoustic Imaging: A Preliminary Study”, 20(15), p.4189, Sensors Journal (2020)


Turani, Zahra, Emad Fatemizadeh, Tatiana Blumetti, Steven Daveluy, Ana Flavia Moraes, Wei Chen, Darius Mehregan, Peter E. Andersen, and , "Optical Radiomic Signatures Derived from Optical Coherence Tomography Images Improve Identification of Melanoma." 79, no. 8: 2021-2030, Cancer Research Journal (2019)


Afreen Fatima, Karl Kratkiewicz, Rayyan Manwar, Mohsin Zafar, Ruiying Zhang, Bin Huang, Neda Dadashzadesh, Jun Xia, and . "Review of Cost Reduction Methods in Photoacoustic Computed Tomography", 10; (01)37, Photoacoustics Journal (2019)


Rakshita Panchal, Javad Baqersad, Luke Horton, Peyman Poozesh, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Vibration Analysis of Healthy Skin: Towards a Novel Non-Invasive Skin Diagnosis Methodology”, 24(1):1-11, Journal of Biomedical Optics (2019)


Leila Mohammadi, Hamid Behnam, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Skull’s Photoacoustic Attenuation and Dispersion Modeling With Deterministic Ray-Tracing: Towards Real-Time Aberration Correction”, 19(2), p.345, Sensors Journal (2019)


Hossein Eybposh, Z. Turani, Mehregan D, Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Cluster-based filtering framework for speckle reduction in OCT images”, 9(12):6359-73, Biomedical Optics Express (2018)


Xu Q, Adabi S, Clayton A, Daveluy S, Mehregan D, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography–Supervised Biopsy”, 1;44(6):768-75, Dermatologic Surgery (2018)


Mahmoodkalayeh S, Jooya HZ, Hariri A, Zhou Y, Xu Q, Ansari MA, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Low temperature-mediated enhancement of photoacoustic imaging depth”, 20;8(1):4873, Nature Scientific Reports (2018)


Mohammadi-Nejad AR, Mahmoudzadeh M, Hassanpour MS, Wallois F, Muzik O, Papadelis C, Hansen A, Soltanian-Zadeh H, Gelovani J, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, ”Neonatal brain resting-state functional connectivity imaging modalities”, 2;10:1-19, Photoacoustics Journal (2018)


Adabi S, Clayton A, Conforto S, Hojjat A, Podoleanu AG, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Mitigation of Speckle Noise in Optical Coherence Tomograms”, pp. 115-135, Springer, Cham, Photonics and Laser Technology (2018)


Manwar R, Hosseinzadeh M, Hariri A, Kratkiewicz K, Noei S, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Photoacoustic Signal Enhancement: Towards Utilization of Low Energy Laser Diodes in Real-Time Photoacoustic Imaging”, 17;18(10):3498, Sensors Journal (2018)


Mozaffarzadeh M, Mahloojifar A, Orooji M, Kratkiewicz K, Adabi S, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Linear-array photoacoustic imaging using minimum variance-based delay multiply and sum adaptive beamforming algorithm”, 23(2):026002, Journal of Biomedical Optics (2018)


Adabi S, Rashedi E, Clayton A, Mohebbi-Kalkhoran H, Chen XW, Conforto S, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Learnable despeckling framework for optical coherence tomography images”, 23(1):016013, Journal of Biomedical Optics (2018)


Mozaffarzadeh M, Mahloojifar A, Orooji M, Adabi S, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Double-stage delay multiply and sum beamforming algorithm: Application to linear-array photoacoustic imaging”, 65(1):31-42, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, (2018)


Adabi S, Hosseinzadeh M, Noei S, Conforto S, Daveluy S, Clayton A, Mehregan D, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki. Universal in vivo textural model for human skin based on optical coherence tomograms, 20;7(1):17912, Nature Scientific Reports (2017)


Nasiriavanaki M, Hariri A, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Photoacoustic Technology for Functional Imaging of Traumatic Brain Injury”, Vol. 32, No. 6, Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation (2017)

Meimani N, Abani N, Gelovani J, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “A numerical analysis of a semi-dry coupling configuration in photoacoustic computed tomography for infant brain imaging”, 7:27-35, Photoacoustics Journal (2017)


Hariri A, Fatima A, Mohammadian N, Mahmoodkalayeh S, Ansari MA, Bely N, and Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, “Development of low-cost photoacoustic imaging systems using very low-energy pulsed laser diodes”, 22(7):075001, Journal of Biomedical Optics (2017)


Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki and Podoleanu A, “En-face time-domain optical coherence tomography with dynamic focus for high-resolution imaging”, 22(5):056009, Journal of Biomedical Optics (2017)

Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki, Xia J, Wan H, Bauer AQ, Culver JP, Wang LV, “High-resolution photoacoustic tomography of resting-state functional connectivity in the mouse brain”, 111(1):21-6, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2014)

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